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Let's take a good start!

Dear parents and guardians,

Welcome to Emoa Kids!

You have booked a trial class or you plan to book one. You will soon receive a link to the private Padlet of your child. During the Zoom class, the tutor guides your child to use what he learned on the Padlet. So, your child needs to finish the Padlet's activities before the trial Zoom class.

In this guide, you will find information and advices to start with Emoa Kids:

1. Technical requirements : 

If your child uses a tablet or a computer, you need:

  •  a functioning and reliable Internet connection

  • to sign up on Padlet.

  • If your child uses a tablet, we highly recommend you to download the free following apps:

    • Padlet,​

    • Jamboard (google apps)

    • Chick français (games to learn French vocabulary). 

2. How to use the Padlet

  • Each week is divided into 4 days. We highly recommend your child to study one day by one day. If your child does all the lessons in one day, he will probably memorize slower.

  • ​Children need to write “fait” (ie “done”) in comments after finishing one day of activities. Then, Emoa kids receives a notification, checks the Padlet and, encourages the child with a comment.

  • The Padlet and the password to access to Emoa Kids resources are strictly confidential. It is strictly forbidden to share them without the prior written consent of Emoa Kids. Sharing without permission is a copyright violation of Emoa Kids.


3. The 1:1 online class on Zoom

Before the live online class, your child must: 

  • Open the Zoom link. Where to find it?

    • ​in the email announcing the class or,​

    • in "My bookings" on Emoa Kids website or Emoa Kids app or,

    • on the Padlet "Jour 5".

  • Open the Jamboard link (on the Padlet "Jour 5").

Important: Your child needs to see at the same time Jamboard AND the webcam.

f you use a tablet, we highly recommend you show your child how to divide the  screen to be able to display the webcam and Jamboard app. Please contact me before the live class if you need  help dividing the screen.

I am looking forward to starting the courses with your child!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Emoa Kids

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