What is the Emoa Kids school?

Emoa Kids was created by Anne, a French teacher certified by the Alliance Française.

Anne has 3 children who speak English and French fluently but have not managed to learn Japanese despite spending 4 years in Japan. She tried several online tutors to help her children but none succeeded in teaching Japanese to the children. The children were bored. Why? Because the classic online teaching method works poorly with children.

Children have an incredible motivation to learn when they are having fun, but they are quickly discouraged when the method is not adapted.  

Emoa Kids is a school that offers a program for children to enjoy learning French online as they enjoy playing football or playing the piano. We want children to be proud of their progress!

What is the difference between the Emoa Kids method and a classic method?

During a classic online lesson, the child learns during the lesson and is passive in their learning.

With Emoa Kids, the child learns on his/her own with the activities on Padlet. During the online lesson, the tutor guides the child to use what he has learned on his own. The tutor uses pictures and words on a virtual whiteboard. The child moves the pictures and words while talking. The child memorizes while having fun. 

Is my child independent in learning? Should I sit next to him?

The activities are created so that the child is autonomous and communicates with his tutor without the help of his parents. The links to the tools needed for the online lesson are on the Padlet.

Some children may need help the first time using the Jamboard or sharing their screen. But by the second week, almost all of the children were able to do the activities and connect to the online lesson without the help of their parents.

It's hard for my child to sit still in front of a screen. Is it a problem?

Does your child stand up, jump or disappear from the screen during the online lesson?  No problem!

  • The online lesson lasts 30 minutes (average concentration of a child in front of a screen).

  • Children move pictures and words on the whiteboard. Thus, they focus their energy on the lesson.

  • As long as the child communicates with the tutor, even if he is not visible on the screen, it means that he is learning. The guardian will not require the child to sit still for 30 minutes.

How does Emoa Kids motivate children to learn?

Children love screens! Every week children learn new skills through Emoa Kids videos and games  AND  review the old knowledge learned the previous days.  This way they see their progress and the online lessons with the tutor are much easier and more fun.

After each day of activity, the tutor writes a comment on the Padlet to encourage the child in his learning. Kids love it!

Is it useful to learn French?

Children are more curious and open to learning than teenagers. Foreign languages open children up to the world and different cultures. This learning will be valuable to them later in their adult life.

Today, French is the second most learned language in the world after English. It is also the second most used language in international organizations, the third language used in the business world, and the fourth language on the Internet!

French is spoken in France of course, but also in Belgium, Luxembourg (12th world financial center), Switzerland (headquarters of many international organizations), Canada (real employment pool for people who speak French and English) or Africa (which some say will be the most populous continent on the planet in 2050).

So, yes, we think learning French is useful.

Is it difficult to learn French?

No language is difficult to learn with a good tutor and a good method. The Emoa Kids method aims to make French easy for children. So French is no more difficult to learn than English, German, or Japanese.

If your child speaks English, it will be much easier to learn French.

If your child does not speak English, learning French will help him learn English, Spanish...

What will my child learn?

The child learns useful French for his age.  Each week, the child works on many skills: oral comprehension, reading, new vocabulary, grammar and, oral expression.

The child learns grammar with instructional videos. The tutor focuses on the child's ability to use grammar rules correctly when communicating.

Our goal is to make your child love French and to teach him/her to use French grammar rules and vocabulary intuitively as a young child would when learning to speak his mother tongue.


I have several children. Is there a family offer?

From the third child, Emoa Kids offers 10% on the "Padlet + online course" pack.

Contact Emoa Kids for family offers (parents + children).

My child wants to stop school. How should I do ?

Emoa Kids does not refund started packs. If your child wishes to stop the lessons, you only have to inform us by email and, the lessons will stop after finishing the hours in the current pack.

What equipment does my child need?

A good Internet connection, a tablet or a computer with webcam and microphone. 

Other questions. Do not hesitate to contact us.