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An innovative method for teaching French online to children

Emoa Kids offers quality education to help your children learn French as a second or a third language.  Your children develop their capacity for self-learning with daily contact with their tutor.


Each child is unique

With Emoa Kids, your child learns independently and develops his self-confidence. Emoa Kids helps children grow and guides children with kindness. 

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How does it work ?

Your child receives the link to the Padlet.

Your child does the weekly fun activities on the Padlet.  

The tutor comments the posts to encourage the child.


10-15 min / 4 days.


Does your child have a question?

He writes a comment on Padlet in the language of his/her choice.

Has your child finished the Padlet activities? It is time to speak in French online !

The tutor will guide your child with special activities to use what he/she has learned

The lesson is finished!

Your child will receive a reward and access to the next lesson.


Further information


A question ? Contact us! 

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Phone : +81 90-2579-3269

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